Wrigleys wanted a fun and interactive way for Orbit gum chewers to enter a competition to win a trip to celebrate the 2012 New Year, whilst promoting the dental health benefits of the product.


Brave built a beautifully designed campaign microsite and mobisite that incorporated an interactive gaming asset, the ‘mouth-vatar’ – an avatar of a chewing mouth that users could operate to ‘chew’ Orbit gum to accrue points.

After a quick and seamless signup using Facebook Connect, the users’ ‘mouth-vatar’ was linked to their personal user profiles, so that the system could track the number of Orbit gums each one ‘chewed’ during the competition period.

“So it’s 2012. And on the 21st of December, the world ends. Bummer. Soon all that will be left of you will be your teeth. Why not leave good teeth behind, by chewing Orbit – the gum that cleans your teeth in a way you can feel. And just for chewing, you could win a trip overseas, to grin as you watch it all end.”