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Ozloo Pet Probiotics

Ecommerce website for international dog supplement

An animated and engaging online shop for the US pet market.


Popular international pet brand, Ozloo, were looking for a new design and build for their online shop that would reflect their passion for dog health and happiness.

Although Ozloo products were widely available online, the owners wanted to build a visually stunning and professional online shop where loyal customers could purchase the well-loved digestive supplements for their pooches directly, with the added bonus of having easy access to a wealth of info about the science, ethos, and community behind the brand.



An animated Elementor build with a WooCommerce backend to bring the brand to life.

Designed with dog lovers in mind

Designed with dog lovers in mind

It was pivotal to Ozloo that the website embody their ethos of 'healthy happy dogs', as well as the fact that different dog breeds have different probiotic requirements.

This meant that the animals themselves took centre stage in the design process, and we made sure to integrate images of the product with images of canines, large and small.

Brand colours and fonts were kept closely aligned with the product packaging, which also meant that the eco-aware 'cardboard box' aesthetic needed to be carried through wherever possible.

Layout took a 'story scroller' approach, with design elements moving into view as the user journeyed down the page.

Elementor Build

Elementor Build

When it came to the build, Brave opted for WordPress Elementor. Due to our expertise with doing custom development on these platforms, this was not only the speediest route to market for client, but also ensured a visually arresting and engaging experience with robust e-commerce functionality for the users.

As a result, the site is fully animated and dynamic, as well as being responsive.

The large amount of content on the site meant that we had to keep the UI simple, and the layout clean so as not to bombard users with facts and figures, and to keep the shop aspect front-and-centre.

Site Features

Site Features

The Ozloo e-commerce site provides a wide range of functions.

WooCommerce online shop

Custom WooCommerce development to facilitate monthly subscriptions

Easily accessible science section, with supporting documents and info

'Join the club' dog-owners community

Customer testimonials and veterinary video recommendations

Links to other online stores where users can purchase Ozloo products


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