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Game development

Game Development

Transform your brand presence with gamification

Brave create exciting & dynamic interactive games, from concept, through design, illustration & build, to final launch.

Gamification can transform your brand presence, motivate your staff, & invigorate your marketing campaigns.

How will we gamify your brand?
We just want to play…

Humans have a built-in desire to compete. We enjoy scoring points, climbing up leaderboards, and bettering our buddies within a defined set of rules.

Brave will find the best way to get your customers involved with, and promoting, your brand using gamification.

Game thinking & game mechanics

Sports and games have the unique ability to harness our natural, social need to compete.

Applying game thinking and mechanics to a campaign or product launch (for example) gets users fully engaged, and allows them to interact with your brand in a dynamic way.

Why consider commissioning a unique, targeted game?

Gamification can:

  • Transform your brand presence
    Harness the power of interactivity to change or boost users’ relationship with your business.

  • Motivate your team
    Encouraging staff to play together and against one another can build unity, foster sportsmanship and communication, and get everyone working together.

  • Invigorate your marketing campaigns
    Use excitement, competition and intrigue to get people talking about your products, services, or brand in a whole new way.

Brave creates interactive games, from concept, through design, illustration and build, to final launch.

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