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Work / Life Balance

It is possible to build amazing products for customers without destroying the sanity and well-being of the team.

What we do

We solve business problems with technology and software. That means that we get to do a pretty wide array of cool stuff, as well as websites and B2B Apps. Some of our cooler projects have been building visualisation dashboard for wind turbines, wall-sized facial recognition screens, drawing robots and more.

Our clients are both international and local, and range from large multinational brands to small startups. Many of our clients have been with us for over half a decade.


Why Work at Brave?

Brave nourishes both skills and people, honouring the balance between work, and the often-overlooked business of ‘having a life’.


When hiring staff, our track record consistently shows that we pay above market salaries to our Braves, so you get to spend your cash on the things that matter most to you.

Leave (lots of it!)

We offer better-than-market leave packages to all staff, regardless of job title, so get ready to do some traveling/chilling/anything-you-want.

Get paid to study

We pay for your professional development and not only do we sponsor your studies, but we give you a bonus too if you complete your studies with distinction.

Work hours

Our core hours are 10am - 3 pm, with certain billable hour targets per skill-set. As a general rule, Brave's work hours are flexible, and where possible, tailored to the specific needs of each team member.


Our offices are centrally located in Parkwood/Greenside East, nestled between the vibrant suburbs of Parkhurst and Greenside, a few minutes away from some of Jozi’s favourite shops and hottest eating spots.

We work in a comfy environment, complete with wooden floors, solar power, a leafy garden, and a pool. Oh and we have a cat. He likes laps.

What To Expect

Our hiring process

A strong culture fit is critical in a small team, so our hiring process is a little different to most. Our interviewing process usually takes place over three to four stages, but may differ depending on circumstances.

  • Your first interview would typically be with the owners, an informal coffee at a mutually suitable coffee-shop.
  • If that goes well, you would then meet for another coffee (we like coffee), with the management team.
  • Lastly, you would meet the whole Brave team where you will get to ask them questions about working at Brave, and they get to know a little more about you. This is a great opportunity for you to ascertain whether you feel Brave is the right home for you.

You may be required to do some sort of coding/design/management test depending on your skills and experience level, but we'll let you know what to expect during the course of the interviewing process.

Your first 100 days

Once you join Brave, you'll be given access to all the necessary systems and equipment you might need and will be partnered with an experienced Brave who will help you through your first few weeks.

We have a great induction platform that allows you to get up to speed with how we operate, and for your first 100 days, you will have weekly catch-up sessions to ensure that you are getting all the support you need to feel comfortable and to do your best work.

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