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Beautiful, interactive WordPress site with parallax scrolling

Light to load, whilst staying richly textured, this stylish, responsive site is optimised for performance and SEO.


ExecuJet approached us to develop their new website using WordPress. The ultimate goal was to keep the loading time speedy, the backend clean, and the SEO credentials strong.

The performance and look of the site would need to reflect the luxurious image of the brand and the clientele on the front end, but be very accessible and easy to maintain on the backend by their internal marketing team.



A bespoke, responsive WordPress theme build using Site Origin

The site features custom-made reusable elements that can be used anywhere and rearranged when needed, making it easy for ExecuJet's marketing team to ensure it is always up-to-date.

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Finding Your Way

Finding Your Way

With a focus on UX excellence, the ExecuJet site offers many ways to find what you're looking for in the form of slick, interactive navigation and menus.

  • Main navigation is a menu overlay that provides all the expanded options at a glance
  • Sticky top navigation appears whenever you scroll up
  • For a quick win, you can also navigate using the option on the left hand side of the screen
  • Parallax scrolling provides a seamless, visually arresting experience for the user.

Getting Around

Getting Around

We built a bespoke, fully animated interactive world map featuring all of ExecuJet's locations.

  • The left-hand side is a list of the available regions.
  • The map pins increase in size depending on the number of FBO’s at each location.
  • Once clicked on, a region shows the relevant map with all the pinned locations.

Admin-Friendly CMS

Admin-Friendly CMS

Using the interactive locations map, users can click on a city for more info on that location's FBO, and can fill out a form to find a handler that suits their needs.

All the content pages are built for easy content management, so that the site info is always relevant and up-to-date.

By making use of the pre-built templates, new locations can be added at any time, and as soon as an admin member makes a new location, it is dynamically added to the map.

API Integrations

API Integrations
  • ExecuJet Flight Schedules API - the site integrates with the internal Flight Schedules API that ExecuJet provided to query airports and retrieve data based on the “Arrival From” and the “Departure From” user inputs, displaying the results in the style of the design.
  • Google Maps API - we embedded and manipulated Google's visual maps to show the locations of Execujet visually on the map.
  • Google Places API provides location and address lookup, easing the data entry required from sellers as well as enabling location based search. Location lookup also allowed us to convert textual input to accurate GEOlocation information.
  • Google Analytics API - used to track a host of site metrics and gauge the performance of the site and its individual pages, as well as key performance indicators for ExecuJet's listing pages, retrieved directly from Google.
  • Cornerstone API - The cornerstone API was integrated with the theme using a custom widget that we configured to be authenticated with the Execujet account. This integration is used to pull vacancies and then display them on the site and provide a call to action to the Cornerstone OnDemand Recruiting process.

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