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User Experience

Strategic planning for effortless, effective UX & UI

At the heart of everything we do, there’s an emphasis on great user experience.

Understanding your users can transform how they interact with your brand.

How will we resolve your website needs and provide you with the right solution?
User profiling

Who is going to be using your website or app? What do they look like? Where do they live, and what is important to them? Using research, experience and simple psychology, we compile user profiles to determine the best way to design and plan your project to make it user-friendly, and answer your customers’ needs.

Conversion optimisation

You don’t want customers to abandon their carts, or to click away from your site before they’ve gotten in touch or found what they’re looking for. This is why we use sales psychology and user profiling to maximise your return on investment and save you money.

Journey mapping

From understanding a user’s mindset, to examining how they’ll interact with your product or service, we ‘map out’ how your market will best benefit from their relationship with your brand.

Psychology: human nature & behaviour

By examining how and why human beings relate to certain mental and emotional triggers, and looking at how we experience the visual world, we can apply the necessary learnings to increase the odds of your website or app achieving your goals.

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At the heart of everything we do, there’s an emphasis on great user experience.

How does it ‘feel’ for your users to interact with your brand or product online?

Can they achieve what they want to achieve with minimum hassle?

Are they able to find the info they’re looking for quickly and easily?

The answer to these questions can be critical to the success (or failure) of your offering.

We take pride in our interfaces, from in-depth planning to thorough testing and deployment, ensuring that our UI is on target, and the UX flow is optimal for the task at hand. Brave understands the importance of straightforward interfaces, intuitive navigation, and an online experience that makes engaging with your brand a pleasure for users.

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