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Frozen For YouFrozen For You


Local catering company, 'By Word of Mouth', approached Brave to revamp their online shop, Frozen For You, with a whole new build, whilst porting across all existing customers and orders from their legacy e-commerce system.

Emphasis was placed on creating a simple, user-friendly site that customers could easily navigate, and which would accept various forms of payment.

Huge improvements were needed to bring the old cart process in line with current best-practice, and the entire site needed to be built from the ground up to ensure robustness, responsiveness and flexibility.



A Pleasure to Shop, A Breeze to Manage

A total redesign would transform the user experience, with emphasis on a clean UI and a shopper-friendly interface that would cater for all user types, from first-time visitors to the last click in the cart process.

Easy-to-use menus with a full ingredient list and cooking instructions for every meal, as well as serving tips and videos.

Our build would be a pleasure for those on the back-end too, with a custom CMS for shop managers and site admins to allow for 'one-click' stock management and the easy updating of content, delivery zones and more.

Scroll down the page to discover more about what went 'under the hood' to create a great experience for both shoppers and admins...

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Pre-Curated Menus - Plan Your Event With a Click

Pre-Curated Menus - Plan Your Event With a Click

From a 'Home Alone' menu for one for a week, to feeding a 12-person work team, or planning a beach holiday for the family, the site features specially curated menus for a range of occasions, where customers can choose the event they're planning, select the number of guests that will be attending, and buy their whole menu with one click.

On the back-end, admins can create and adjust menus quickly and easily by selecting items from the stock list using our custom-built drag-and-drop Menu Builder.

This way, menus can constantly be added and updated very easily to keep the site current, the content seasonal, and to ensure that user demands are always met.

gift card copy

Voucher Engine - Online & In-Store

Voucher Engine - Online & In-Store

We built a 'Gift Cards' voucher system that allows shoppers to send vouchers to friends, or to type in their own voucher codes on an online order.

Not only can customers choose from a range of charming designs, voucher holders can use their gift cards both online, or in the physical stores that are dotted around the country through a custom integration with the Vend platform.

Gifting a voucher to someone special takes just a few simple steps, ensuring the process is easy, and as much fun to give as to receive.

Send a meal

Custom Send-a-Meal System

Custom Send-a-Meal System

Why send flowers when you can nourish your loved ones from a distance with a delicious home-cooked meal?

Brave built a custom 'send-a-meal' function that allows users to choose to send a meal (or meals) to be delivered to whoever they choose.

They get the option to personalise their gift with a message, and to package it in one of Frozen For You's branded cooler bags.

Delivery Zones

Custom Delivery Zones

Custom Delivery Zones

Because client wanted full street-by-street control over their delivery availability areas, Brave built a bespoke backend system to cater for delivery zone precision.

The system allows a content editor on the backend of the site to create or remove polygonal areas on an interactive map by clicking and dragging areas or by loading importing a .kml file. Each area can have rules assigned such as custom delivery dates, messaging or delivery fees.

Any address that falls inside one of those areas is matched to a warehouse and delivery fees are calculated accordingly, and anything outside those areas does not allow delivery, which means that the customer will have to collect their order.

Google Places API is used to convert a customer’s address to GPS coordinates for geofencing, and these coordinates are sent directly to the distribution centre to facilitate delivery.

Store Locator

Store Locator

The Store Locator is both easy to populate on the backend and user-friendly for users to view and search on the frontend of the site.

Stores can be added very simply by the site admins, loading the corresponding map as soon as the address is inserted. The map view presented on the backend can be zoomed and panned by the site admins so that the relevant map is always shown to users on the frontend.

SMS Integration

SMS Integration

If a customer has selected to receive an SMS notification, an SMS is triggered once a customer order has been moved to ‘In Processing’ in the backend, using Twilio. This is then also captured in the customer order on the backend admin dashboard.

store Locator
Stock Management copy

Stock Management & Reporting

Stock Management & Reporting
  • Stock Management simplicity - we built additional functionality for each product to allow an item to be marked as in stock or out of stock for the different warehouses. Using this, warehouse managers in both Cape Town and Johannesburg can update stock availability with a click.
  • Warehouses - As soon as a customer enters their delivery address, they're assigned to a warehouse in either Cape Town or Johannesburg. If a product is marked 'out of stock' in their assigned warehouse, a warning message pops up to alert them that their order will be delayed, giving them the option to remove the item, or proceed and accept the wait.
  • Nothing lost - we imported all of the legacy customer data and orders from the previous system, which meant that no customers or purchases were mislaid in the switch over from old site to new.
  • Integration with Metrilo results in comprehensive, real-time reporting on every customer journey and interaction with the site. These gathered insights provide client with all the information they need to make any data-driven marketing decisions that will boost their e-commerce success.

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