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Jacana Media

Get-Up-&-Go Online Shop

A 'BRAVE LITE' site to get local publishing company selling their books online in the shortest possible time.

Jacana Media


Jacana Media, South Africa's only independent book publishers, were in urgent need of a new website that would include an online shop...

But a year of Covid lockdowns meant that budget constraints were also top-of-mind.

The new site needed to be responsive, fresh and functional, whilst adhering to Jacana's distinctive brand CI, with an easy CMS and a shop inventory that would be auto-updated daily .



'BRAVE LITE' Elementor Template with WooCommerce

We suggested a 'quick to market' get-up-and-go solution that's budget-friendly (thanks to the use of a robust and responsive Elementor template), which meant that we could have client's shop up and running and bringing in income in the shortest possible time.

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Template Foundations, On-Brand Experience

Template Foundations, On-Brand Experience

Whilst it was vital to keep costs down and get to market fast, we had to ensure that using a template would not compromise the integrity of Jacana Media's message and positioning. Global styling, fonts and colours were applied to ensure a unique, Jacana look, and each page was built from scratch using Elementor's easy drag-and-drop backend, with oversight and guidance from BRAVE's design team.

This also results in a very user-friendly CMS for the client, allowing immediate updates of content and stock. Client can also create coupons on a daily basis to boost sales and engagement on their social feeds.

Pop-Up Shops

Pop-Up Shops

Jacana Media's 'Don't Shut Up' Crowdcast Conversations now have accompanying pop up shops on the site, where guests can browse and purchase the various books and authors being discussed in the talks.

The Conversations page features links to the related Crowdcasts past and present.

Easy-to-Manage Submissions

Easy-to-Manage Submissions

Due to the volume of submissions that Jacana receives, both for their regular publishing concern, as well as the three Jacana Literary Foundation Awards that they facilitate, it was essential to provide an easy way for the team to manage the inflow.

We implemented a flexible form plugin to allow for easy management on the backend, which also sends autoreponders to those submitting their works on the website, assuring them that their submission has gone through.

Jacana Donations

Donate Buttons

Donate Buttons

To make it easy for book fans to #PressPrint, and support Jacana in providing the cutting edge of critical, adventurous and independent South African literature, we included donate buttons, where users can select from a range of options to donate.


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If you need an e-commerce site on a constrained budget, our template-based 'BRAVE LITE' option could be way forward...

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