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Entelect Culture

Interactive website

An exciting expression of Entelect’s unique culture, design ethos and spirit.
Entelect Culture


Entelect Software Solutions


JHB, South Africa


Brave's bespoke WordPress platform


UX & UI design, Front & Backend
Development, responsive website,
Interactive design.


Brave was tasked with designing and developing a public-facing Entelect Culture Site to showcase client's internal culture, and promote Entelect as the ‘place to work’ for digital warriors.

We also needed to create a scalable platform to allow for continued internal contribution and development by the Entelect team once the site was built.

To engage the interest of potential applicants, it was essential that the site be easy to navigate, and above-all, exist as an exciting, visual expression of Entelect’s unique culture, design ethos and spirit.


Interactive Website

User Journeys & Prototyping

User Journeys & Prototyping

Because there was a large and complex brief, and the client wanted to get the site up and running as soon as possible, Brave opted for a phased approach.

Establishing the various User Journeys was paramount to planning the navigation and wire-frames. In order to catering to three main user types (those with little to no knowledge of what Entelect does, those who are curious about how Entelect might be the right fit for them, and those who are ready to submit their CVs), we needed to encompass a number of different call to actions on the very first landing page, whilst keeping the design clean and easy to navigate.

Beautiful, Exciting Design

Beautiful, Exciting Design

Coming up with a beautiful, exciting design was hugely important to kick-off the process of the site build.

The design had to be unique, interactive, and visually dynamic, and work in tandem with the multiple user journeys required.

With the wire-frames in place, and using the client's LORE document as a jumping-off-point, we embarked on the involved design phase, working through multiple iterations to come up with the optimal solution to best showcase Entelect's existing assets, whilst ensuring that the visual ethos would be scalable.

Custom WordPress Theme

Custom WordPress Theme

Brave began the build using our own, custom WordPress theme, creating unique animations, widgets and post types to bring the dynamic designs to life whilst ensuring that the site was responsive and easy to maintain.

We leveraged the Site Origins Page Builder widget framework, creating self-contained widgets to display most of the site's content. These modules could be reused throughout the site and configured and maintained easily by the site administrator.

Advanced Editing Features

 Advanced Editing Features

As previously mentioned, it was vital that the site build have an emphasis on 'ease of editing' for content management by client going forward.

To facilitate this, Brave modified and extended the WordPress editor to include our custom CSS classes to allow the admin user to set instant changes in font weight, text formatting, kerning and font colours with a simple click, while still maintaining brand identity and a cohesive site style.

Everything you see on the site is dynamic, able to be edited and customised by the content editors in the WordPress back end.

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