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Accenture Innovation Conference

Event Software, Mobile App, Microsite & AR

A bespoke mobile app for an exclusive, glittering event that celebrates fresh thinking and doing...




React Native
AR Toolkit
Headless WordPress


Accenture tasked Brave with creating a bespoke App for the Accenture Innovation Conference, an exclusive, glittering event that celebrates fresh thinking and doing, bringing some of the most inspiring and innovative companies and individuals to the podium to share their winning approaches.

The App needed to give the attendees access to the latest event agenda, and allow them to find out about the various speakers, read relevant articles, find event and venue information, and chat to one another during the conference.

Parallel to this we needed to design and build an event microsite, as well as an email invite and RSVP campaign.

Challenges & Solutions

We started by wire-framing the App and the user journey, from the point where users would receive the initial email advising them about the event, to the end of the event itself.

Design followed, and the App was built in React Native and Firebase, with a headless WordPress for uploading agenda, speaker and thought leadership content into the backend.

We built a bespoke Augmented Reality viewer into the App to further engage users and enhance the event experience.


The App

  • Home screen - easy navigation - all areas could be seen at a glance.
  • Hamburger menu - provided for extra navigation ease-of-use.
  • Speakers - a list of all the speakers who were featured at the event.
  • Speaker screens - dedicated content page introducing each speaker's talk topic, as well as their credentials and experience.
  • Talk topics on the 'Speaker screens' linked through from each speaker to the Agenda, and vice versa.
  • Chat - logged-in users could chat to other users within the App.
  • Agenda - featuring full agenda for the conference, with each topic linking through its the associated speaker.
  • Thought Leadership - current news articles relating to topics discussed at the event, each linking through to an individual 'News Article' screen.
  • AR function - users could scan the printed Forbes magazine with their mobile phones to unlock extra content.
  • Social Sharing - users could share articles from the App to Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.

Microsite & mailers

Alongside the App, we built a microsite (using headless WordPress) to accompany the event, and designed a series of mailer communications to invite users to the event, RSVP, alert recipients about the App and encourage them to download it.


AR Video scan

Forbes Magazine


The App included a bespoke AR viewer to unlock additional content.

Users could use the Innovation Conference App to scan an image printed in the latest Forbes Magazine with their mobile phones.

As soon as they did so, a pre-made video, showcasing extra info, would start to play.



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