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Land Rover

Gamified Event App to Launch the Ultimate All-Terrain Vehicle

Android and IOS App for the Land Rover Defender '#DRIVE THE STORY' event...
Land Rover


Jaguar Land Rover wanted a thrilling and engaging way to onboard and educate Land Rover dealers on the new Defender vehicle before its launch.

Brave was asked to design and develop an App, weighted towards user experience and interaction, that would fulfill a number of vital requirements...

The App needed to facilitate delivery of the micro-learning content to dealers to educate them about the new Land Rover Defender, use gamification to encourage dealers to consume information and participate in the event, and create a world-class experience, focusing on a South African view of the vehicle.

The app was also supposed to serve as a teaching tool during an in-person event, with real world tracking and interaction as core features. We had to pivot due to the pandemic to an all digital experience.



Custom-built PWA (Progressive Web Application) frontend and integration and extension of an existing platform.

By the time Brave was approached, time frames were tight, and the launch date of the Defender was fast approaching. To overcome the time factor, Brave worked closely with TPASA to provide a solution for extending the existing platform to handle the required functionality.

In addition, Brave built a custom frontend on top of the platform backbone, creating the PWA which could be used on participants' phones. This meant that we could deliver a solution that acted as a mobile application, but retained the rapid development and update time-frames of a website build.

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Landrover PWA user flow

User Flow & Interactive Wireframes

User Flow & Interactive Wireframes

To ensure the best user flow, we created low fidelity & illustrative temporary app screens to visually showcase the possible journeys a user could take within the app.

Wireframes of the experience further outlined how users would flow through the solution, and provided a high level functional overview prior to design and development.


Designing With the Brand in Mind

Designing With the Brand in Mind

Every aspect of the design had to be in-keeping with Jaguar Land Rover's distinctive CI, and checks were made at every stage of the design and build to ensure that there was no deviation from the strict guidelines.

Brave's designers created a fresh and user-friendly interface that also adhered to the brand requirements.


Not only did gamification ensure effective education using engagement, it also fostered the strong sense of community that comes from working with a team, the satisfaction of overcoming challenges, and the chance to be the best.

The Defender Journey

The Defender Journey

Weekly challenges were unlocked each morning, driving app users to check-in frequently, and be the first to complete the challenges.

Engagement was consistently high.Teams and individuals were playing for points which would accrue during the final stages of the game.

Users worked their way up through various levels, earning 'coins' or badges starting at 'Newbie' and ranging up to 'Platinum'.

The real-time Leaderboard kept all players engaged and aware of how their fellow teams and players were progressing.

A very active News Feed packed with comments and conversations about the vehicle and the game meant boosted shared learning and excitement.

Change in the Time of Corona Virus

Change in the Time of Corona Virus

With the world in the sudden grip of a pandemic, and South Africa moving into lockdown, the launch was moved from a real-world event with digital as a supporting factor, to a almost fully virtual one.

As we no longer needed to have the app built to be used in the field, and no longer required the dedicated device functionality, we were able to pivot to a PWA build.

The pandemic also meant that the PWA was even more critical in the success of the Land Rover defender launch. In response to this, we had to add new features, remove others, and adjust the timeline.


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