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A beautiful, simple-to-use website is essential for your distinctive brand. We design innovative, strategic and responsive web and mobile sites, focusing on design, content, usability, and simplicity.
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App Development

Need an app built just for your business, designed to answer your unique needs? We specialise in conceptualising and developing custom applications that empower your teams, build your communities and grow your business.
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User Experience

At the heart of everything we do, there’s an emphasis on great user experience. We take pride in our interfaces, from in-depth planning to thorough testing and deployment, ensuring that our UI is on target, and the UX flow is optimal for the task at hand.
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Virtual & Augmented Reality

Imagine being able to immerse your clients and customers into a virtual world where they can engage directly with your brand? Brave are experts in optimising sales with full VR immersions and applications for local and international clients, and have extensive experience in boosting team engagement with AR with our own VWR app.
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Data Visualisation

In a world swamped with data, innovative visualisation techniques become ever more necessary. We bring all our design, UI and VR skillsets to bear to create stunning and pragmatic data visualisations that help you and your customers to make sense of it all.
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Game Development

Gamification can transform your brand presence, motivate your staff, and invigorate your marketing campaigns. We create interactive games, from concept, through design, illustration and build, to final launch.
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Innovation. Applied.

Software Products and Platforms, Websites, Apps, Data Visualisation, Mixed Reality. Whatever your needs, BRAVE will take you to the next level.

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Small Studio + Big Ideas = Happy Clients

We're a close team of creative technologists who work together to create beautiful, engaging tech-driven experiences in Johannesburg, South Africa. With an emphasis on staying lean and agile, Brave has been able to provide exceptional, personalised service to our loyal clients for well over a decade. (Want to find out how it all began? Read our Becoming Brave blog post here.)

We're always looking for the right people to add to the mix. Watch this space for news of open positions coming soon. In the mean time, why wait?

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