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About Brave

About Brave

Who we are & what we do

Brave Beginnings

Grant Mills and Ryan Hudson-Bennett founded Brave in London, in November 2001.

What started out as a few guys making websites in an attic in South London has since evolved into an established enterprise that boasts a close on twenty-year legacy of satisfied clients.

Brave now has a diverse portfolio of bespoke digital products, services and applications that have been designed and developed for a large number of local and international brands.

Brave's Vision

Our vision is to create a company that is consistently creative, playful and curious within the realms of technology.

We aim to nurture a culture that honours wholeness, respect, honesty, vulnerability, experimentation and craftsmanship.

In every action, we strive to add real value to the lives Brave touches, from employees and their families, to our clients, their brands, companies and customers, and by extension, the world at large.

Brave's Mission

What are our reasons for being?

Creative Technology - We are creatives down to the bone and are obsessively passionate about tech. Mixing creativity and technology is our favourite thing, and we want to keep being creative till the day we drop down dead.

Brave's Services

What can we do for you?

We offer a range of development services that will enhance your distinctive brand.

From responsive web and mobisites, custom applications, virtual and augmented reality, data visualisation, user experience, and game development, we are ready to meet your unique needs.

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How can we innovate with you?

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    Small Studio + Big Ideas = Happy Clients

    As a close team of creative technologists, we work together to create beautiful, engaging tech-driven experiences. With an emphasis on staying lean and agile, Brave has been able to provide exceptional, personalised service to our loyal clients for years.