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MatchMade Platform

Property Management Software

Introducing MatchMade, the game-changing new
solution that matches tenants to properties and
allows full management of rental portfolios...
MatchMade Platform


MatchMade were looking to transform the dynamic of the rental property market...

They believed that this could be achieved by automating the typically intensive manual processes of matching landlords and tenants, negotiating the ins-and-outs of property viewing times, leases, issue reporting and tracking, and streamlining the relationships between agents, landlords and tenants.



Rental property search & management platform

Following a number of exciting workshops with client, Brave designed and developed a responsive web application to facilitate all of this in one sleek system with a seamless, easy-to-use interface.

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User Journeys and Wireframes

User Journeys and Wireframes

Over the course of multiple workshops involving the Brave team and all of the stakeholders, various user journeys were explored and planned, and the best way forward established for the platform software.

This flow was then consolidated and laid out in detailed wireframes for full visual accessibility.

open sans

Branding and Design

Branding and Design

Our design team worked closely with client to explore options for a strong, modern brand with an accessible feel. The brand began to emerge, encompassing font, colours, logos and the use of photographic images and graphics.

This new CI was then applied to every aspect of the, platform design, the marketing website, emailers and other communication materials, resulting in a powerful, portfolio of assets.

MatchMade-Phone 01

Landlord Portal

Landlord Portal

Here, users with rental portfolios can register as landlords, speedily list multiple properties, manage lease terms per property, monitor and track lease expiry dates and suitable viewing times, and manage their occupied properties using an automated issue tracking system.

Landlord Portal 01
Tenant Portal 01

Tenant Portal

Tenant Portal

Users on the hunt for a new home can search the website database of rental properties based on their needs, request a specific viewing time from the options available for each property, and contact an agent.

Once a tenant is matched with a property, they register on the tenant portal, where they can negotiate the terms of the lease and report issues simply by using the app.

Agent Portal

Agent Portal

The third interface of the system is an admin portal for the property agents, enabling them to monitor and curate the relationship between landlord and tenant to ensure fair treatment and transparency for all. Here, agents can also communicate with all landlords and tenants, assign specific agents to properties, assist in negotiating viewing times and leases with all stakeholders.


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