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Home Corp

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Stylish, seamless responsive online shop for South Africa, Botswana and Namibia.
Home Corp


Furniture retail company, Furnmart, were looking for a design and dev team that could transform their sluggish and outdated Home Corp websites into fast, user-friendly online shops with an aspirational look and feel.

Three new websites were required, with different products, currencies, promotional items and delivery options needed for each of the regions: South Africa, Botswana and Namibia, but with consistent design and user interface across all three.

The old Home Corp sites had poor functionality and performance due to excessive backend plugins, and had unreliable integration between the websites and the in-store retails systems.



Unified codebase

To solve these problems, Brave proposed a single platform installation to serve as a base for both Furnmart & Home Corp. These would remain as separate sites but would be ‘branched’ from the same base, allowing a single unified codebase to reduce costs by sharing features, porting upgrades and allowing maintenance and patches to applied to the master install and ‘pushed’ to each site via continuous integration (CI).

How can we innovate with you?

User Journey & Interactive Wireframes

User Journey & Interactive Wireframes

Optimising the UX was essential, as the new site needed to be intuitive and effortless to use. We placed particular emphasis on improving conversion rates and minimising cart abandonment in order to increase sales as much as possible.

Home Corp Design System 01
Home Corp Design System 02

Creating a design system

Creating a design system

Opening up the cramped, crowded design of the original site was essential, so stripping away the unnecessary was a good jumping off point. With a clean white slate, the designers could now hone in on the more arresting and aspirational elements of the brand, using font and touches of the CI colour to create a whole new online presence.

Old vs new

Old vs new

A side-by-side comparison is the perfect way to illustrate the benefits of the new build. Not only is our simplified design easier to navigate and search for users, it provides a clean bright backdrop against which the products can stand out.

Shop - Home Corp South Africa ipad

Features and benefits

Filterable product search by room, department, product type, or manual search

Faster loading speeds and optimised SEO means better engagement, and higher search results

User-friendly design and build means easy navigation and increased customer engagement

Products, specials and prices auto-update from cvs file, so site is always up-to-date in all three regions

Streamlined checkout process to mitigate cart abandonment as much as possible

Differing delivery options for each of the three regions to suit the parameters of each country

Multi-region site

Multi-region site

The Home Corp site needed to be customised for the three different regions, SA, Botswana and Namibia, requiring different products, prices and delivery calculators to suit each one.


How can we innovate with you?

Let us help you improve your conversion rates and increase sales on your E-commerce website.

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