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G. Fox

E-commerce website

Mobile friendly online shop with bespoke autonomous update agent
G. Fox


G. Fox | Bidvest Group


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Strategy, Web, UX & UI design, Prototyping, Front & Backend Development, Excel importer & converter, Syspro Integration


G. Fox, a premier supplier of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), and Industrial Consumable Supplies, needed a vibrant new e-commerce site. The aim of the updated site was to provide a more seamless user experience, and to increase sales.

As well as a great design and user interface, it was vital that the site also include:

  • Comprehensive, up-to-date product catalogue
  • Customer profiles with access to existing customer's orders, invoices, quotes and credit note
  • Automatic quotation and order placement directly into G. Fox's existing ERP system (Syspro)
  • Close integration with the Syspro system to ensure the website reflects the latest product prices, stock quantities and customer discounts as provided by G. Fox's own back office.

Project discovery and wireframes

Project discovery and wireframes

In order to optimise the buyer experience, maximise sales, and ensure a admin-friendly backend, we investigated the failings of the old site, and the client's wishes and issues. Workshop sessions were then held to nail down the ideal user journey and flow. This was then refined and reworked until the perfect iteration was established.

g-fox-Design assets 01
g-fox-Design assets 02

Creating a design system

Creating a design system

Our designers established the best creative approach to ensure the optimal look and feel of the site, to make it modern, usable, and in-keeping with the strong G. Fox brand.

Every aspect of the site design was addressed in careful detail, from the striking landing page, to the multiple drop-down selectors within the products themselves.

Bespoke Excel importer and converter

Bespoke Excel importer and converter

Since G. Fox were already familiar with using an Excel spreadsheet to manage website content, Brave built a bespoke importer and converter which intelligently scans the Excel document, notifies the user of any errors, spelling mistakes or incorrect links before merging the data with the existing content on the site on a product-by-product basis.

The importer handles the majority of the content on the site, with products, their variations, categories, images, data sheets and features all able to be updated and altered via a few quick edits to a spreadsheet.

The importer guides the site content manager through the process of performing a content update and provides helpful feedback to notify of any spreadsheet errors, also allowing partial imports and displaying feedback as to exactly what is going on at each step of the process.

The client was extremely happy with the importer and were able to process their first batch of content updates with minimal training or hands-on instruction.


Filterable online shop with multiple product variations (colours, sizes)

User tracking and reporting

Syspro ERP integration for orders, quotes, invoices and credit notes.

Product importing for new items, updated prices, attributes, stock levels, etc.

User-friendly CMS

Payment gateway integration

Customer login to manage accounts, quotes, invoices and delivery details

Multiple product colour and size selection options to streamline adding items to cart


Autonomous update agent

Autonomous update agent

Brave worked closely with the client to provide a solution to keeping products up-to-date with the daily changes in stock levels, prices and discount structures.

Brave built a large autonomous update agent which intelligently pulls down product stock levels and pricing information for all of G. Fox's existing branches, as well as keeping customers notified on the site and via email as soon as G. Fox sales consultants have processed their orders and quotes in the Syspro ERP system.

G. Fox didn't have to change their existing workflows when dealing with web orders, but seamlessly integrate back into the ERP system the company is already utilising, allowing an over-night increase to their sales reach and impact.

Building a timeline

Building a timeline

To showcase the legacy of the brand, Brave proposed an interactive timeline for the G. Fox History page. Each historical point in G. Foxes history is displayed dynamically as the user scrolls down the page.

Mobile friendly

Mobile friendly

In keeping with current online shopping user trends, the site is fully responsive, offering all of the features of the desktop version in a sleek and slimmed-down format for customers browsing and logging on via mobile devices.


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