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Online legal assistance

Legal help in just a few clicks on an easy-to-use interactive site that matches users with trusted attorneys.
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AttorneyClient, a startup with big dreams, wanted to create an easy-to-use platform that would help people looking for legal advice by matching them up with the right type of trusted lawyer.

The product needed to be accessible and simple. It needed to cut through the thicket of an often baffling legal landscape and provide users with valuable tips and information along the way.

It was an exciting idea, but overwhelming in its complexity -

  • how were we going to speedily unpack what sort of legal assistance someone needed in a user-friendly way?
  • How would we get the information we required to guide users without a huge, lengthy questionnaire?
  • How would the administrators of the site refer users to the right person for the job?




A clean, stylish platform offering a limited number of 'legal matter' products for users to choose from.

A clickable 'logic tree' would then guide the users through a minimum number of questions pertinent to their legal matter. Their selections would be stored upon purchase by integrating with HubSpot. These would inform the admin team exactly what type of issue the user needed help with.

How can we innovate with you?

Learning the Law 101

Learning the Law 101

Brave held a number of intensive workshops with client to establish what we could offer users, and how. Leaning on the client's extensive experience as an attorney, we began to define and unpack each legal category, and unravel the user stages required for each.

Creating the Brand

Creating the Brand

As this was a startup, Brave was mandated to create the logo and CI design for the product. The aim? To create a professional, trustworthy brand that was also friendly and approachable. This strategy defined the colour choices, as well as a balanced mix of vector icons and photographic imagery.


Making Sense of the Legal System

Making Sense of the Legal System

The complexity of the world of litigation meant a steep learning curve for the Brave team. Not only did we need to understand the required legal matters, we had to figure out the best way to get the right info about each from the users. Hours were spent with client to hone down the questions until we had the leanest possible route for success.

From Idea to Internet

From Idea to Internet

The site was built in React to load fast, be intuitive to navigate, and rate well on SEO. PayFast and HubSpot integration completed the cycle. When it came to the words, Brave penned all the copy, and provided extensive editorial assistance for the articles.


A Lawyer in Your Pocket is optimised for mobile, ensuring that anyone seeking legal help can do so from any place, at any time.


How can we innovate with you?

Got an idea you'd love to see come to life? With Brave by your side, you can get the best version of your product out there on the digital market, and start seeing returns.

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  • Product conception & planning
  • Logo design & brand CI
  • Website design
  • Copywriting
  • Legal matter logic wizards
  • Site build in React
  • Pay gate integration
  • HubSpot integration


How did the client benefit?

  • Strong SEO gave the site instant search results, despite it being a startup
  • Stylish branding perfectly suits the offering and the target market
  • User-friendly site makes signing up a breeze
  • Integration with HubSpot, as well as notification emails reduces admin load
  • Branded auto-responder email for customers on sign up
  • SEO is optimised to reduce media spend costs for future marketing campaigns


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