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Charter Flights

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Search for a charter jet or helicopter that suits your needs, make a booking, and discover what amazing adventures await...
Charter Flights


International charter company, Luxaviation, approached Brave to develop their new web and mobisite according to their updated designs and CI.

The website needed to be fully responsive as well as interactive, allowing users to filter and select from a vast array of aircraft, request charter quotes for jets and helicopters, discover exciting new travel destinations and find out more about the incredible locations that Luxaviation and ExecuJet operate in worldwide.

The website also needed to include a filterable news area, and a CMS with multiple team logins.



CSS build using our own customised WordPress WebStack

Brave proposed a fully customised content managed WordPress build to allow editors full control over pages, content, structure, media and SEO, with a backend that allows for easy editing.

Modules and features can easily be added, removed and customised from the backend, with multiple styling options selectable for each to ensure a scalable site that adapts to Luxaviation's changing needs.

The frontend is optimised for speed for optimal SEO, as well as usability and user-experience.

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Widgets & Settings to Simplify the Build

Widgets & Settings to Simplify the Build

Luxaviation provided Brave with complex and detailed site designs (by Mikko Gaertner) that featured a different layout for each of the many pages (over 200 in total). To overcome this hurdle, we built the site using a series of widgets with settings that can easily be switched between different stylings, which enabled the content manager to build each of the multiple pages using components and settings to ensure that the final product matched the design exactly.

Fleet Finder

Aircraft Search & Select

Aircraft Search & Select

Luxaviation and ExecuJet have an extensive fleet of fixed wing aircraft and helicopters, and needed a simple and visual way for users to select the craft that would most suit their needs.

Brave built an animated filter device that allows a variety of search options such as passenger capacity, baggage volume and maximum range, whilst at the same time being able to filter via region of travel, and aircraft type.


WebGL Globe

Find Your Chosen Location

Luxaviation wanted to give their users an exciting and interactive way to explore their FBO and non FBO locations worldwide.

Using WebGL, we built a real-time 3D globe with a custom pixel shader that roughly approximates how light scatters through the atmosphere, giving the globe a more interesting and visually appealing effect.

The globe spins to the geographical area selected by the user, either Europe, Africa, Asia-Pacific, the Americas or the Middle East, and shows all the locations featuring in that region.

Users can then filter the locations using various options provided, click on a location in the dynamic list, or select their chosen location from the globe itself.

History Scroller

History Scroller

Each of the many Luxaviation regional entities has a distinctive story to tell about its founding and history. Brave was tasked with build a 'history scroller' that would allow users to click through the various years to view the corresponding story in an animated and accessible way, including coming up with and implementing a solution to ensure this would be as effective for those using their mobile phones.


Extra Features

Header image randomiser

To ensure the website always looks fresh and engaging to returning visitors, we built a homepage header image 'randomiser' that displays a different image with each reload of the page.

Language switching

The site is built to accommodate multiple languages, and the French and German versions of the site will be going live in the near future.

Multiple menus

Due to the many different page designs, the site features custom-built menus for mobi views, as well as multiple bespoke menus to display on various pages.

Filterable news

The site offers a very granular search function so that users can search for articles they're interested in using a large variety of filters, including news type, region, and categories.


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