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Vox Global

Website Overhaul & Redesign for Trusted Strategic Communications Firm

Brave gave Vox Global's website a stylish rebuild that would shift focus to their impressive legacy of dynamic thought leadership...
Vox Global


Vox Global, an established strategic communications firm based in the US, needed a new, modern website that would allow them showcase their valued perspectives in a new, user-friendly way.

Combining the powers of both creative teams, Brave and Vox Global worked closely together to restructure the way their information could be disseminated on a new-look website.

With an emphasis on retaining thought leadership legacy, whilst presenting it in a fresh and interesting way, we needed to reconfigure the content, and use this as a starting point for a whole new redesign and build.



Dark-mode animated design featuring filterable content with a scrolling display using the latest WordPress builder

Changing Perspectives

Changing Perspectives

Vox Global were eager to transform the way their content was displayed on their site, moving away from their old divisions of content, and presenting their services, case studies and think pieces in a far more integrated format.

Together with their team, we workshopped a new way to feature their offerings, building up a new Information Architecture to serve their content in a more holistic way, with more emphasis on user-experience.

We then applied this new structure to the wireframes, and then design, whilst client worked on reconfiguring the copydeck.

The result was an entirely fresh and slimmed-down sitemap, with multiple ways for users to search and access content.

Dark-Mode Design

Dark-Mode Design

Our designers used Vox Global's rich colour palette to update their online look whilst staying true to their strong corporate identity.

Where applicable, the dark tones were used to create depth and give the site a modern edge, with the bright colours bringing vibrancy and life to the site.

Rounded corners and auxiliary use of the softer tones give the design an approachable, accessible feel.

Entrance animations and movement were added during the site build to further enhance the dynamism of the brand.

Honouring the Team

Honouring the Team

A communications firm is heavily reliant on the quality of their team, and Vox Global is no exception.

With this in mind, we wanted to emphasise and honour the people who make the business thrive, and to ensure that their information is easily accessible to interested site visitors.

Playing on the colour theme used throughout the design, we added a vibrant roll-over to each headshot, and once a team member is clicked on, a fun hover state on their profile pictures reveals the personalities behind the pictures.

Making it Modern - Old VS New

Making it Modern - Old VS New
Scroll through the images below for a side-by-side comparison between the old version and the new.

Custom Elementor Widgets

Custom Elementor Widgets

WordPress Elementor is a powerful building platform with a vast selection of widget options available, however, our design required that we custom-build a number of 'Vox Global specific' widgets that would display the unique design in an elegant way on all user devices.

Rotating Menu Rollover

A unique rotating hover state on each menu item adds a sense of excitement to the main navigation.

'What We Do' Custom Tabs

To define and emphasise the two service offerings without making them seem too disparate, we custom-built a tab switcher that allows users to navigate between the two, whilst still being able to scroll through the extensive lists under each to find what they're looking for.

Perspectives Filter and Search

The brief required us to combine blog posts, case studies and service offerings into a more cohesive, filterable list. To ensure this remained user-friendly, we built a slide-out menu in which users can select one or more categories to view.

Perspectives Horizontal Scroller

The grid of featured or related articles that appears on many pages throughout the site has a left-to-right rotate animation, as well as being manually drag-able to allow the user to take charge.


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