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A New Interactive Solution for a Global Freight Giant

Brave new branding and a brilliant interactive experience bring global freight into the spotlight...


Zenith International Freight approached Brave to redesign and develop their website with a core focus on branding, user experience, interaction and motion.

The Zenith brand required a new vision and complete re-design in order to achieve the goals laid out by the client and the Brave team.

The website needed to provide a slick, contemporary and interactive user experience which highlighted their service offering and brought a human element to the look-and-feel of the brand.



A Unique Interactive Experience Using 3D Models


Custom-Built Using Javascript and Laravel

Custom-Built Using Javascript and Laravel

To carry the narrative that there's always someone from Zenith with you and your freight on its journey, the website provides a unique interactive experience. This is brought to life using 3D models for Air, Sea and Road Freight, coupled with a mouse-over hotspot which reveals the 'behind-the-scenes' layer of Zenith personnel inside the model.

The website emphasises the Zenith service offering by providing the user with concise and punchy information.

The animated website was custom-built using javascript for the front-end and Laravel for the backend.



The brand components were derived from the meaning of the word ‘Zenith’. Building on this, the new logo incorporated elements from a plane, truck and cargo ship in order to form the unique and iconic ‘Z’ for the logomark.

The colours were inspired by the sea, air and road, then finely tuned and balanced to create harmony between the primary and secondary palette. The colour palette was built to be accessible so that users with varying eye-sight could access the the brand in any format.

Finally, illustrations were created to convey the sense of human touch, personal care and expertise, emphasising Zenith's proud history of exceptional customer service.


3D models & Interactions

3D models & Interactions

Brave used 3D models to link the service offerings to their relative transport methods: the airplane, the freight truck and the cargo ship.

Illustrations of people (the Zenith personnel) and cargo were used to provide the user with a sense of personalised customer service with a hands-on approach, no matter how big or small your cargo, Zenith is with you along the journey, ready to step in a do what it takes.

The unique 3D model on the home page provides a fun, interactive experience which speaks to the essence of what Zenith prides itself in, great customer service.


The Website

The Website

A contemporary and modern approach to interaction, typography and colour, coupled with carefully crafted content and copy provides a unique experience which differentiates Zenith from its competitors.

 The website design was made to last. It attracts new potential business and investors by associating trust with the brand, and communicating that Zenith is a technologically advanced freight and logistics expert.

The news section was built in Laravel, providing the client with a CMS system so they could publish the latest insights and news from the logistics and freight industry.


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