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Next Biosciences

E-commerce Website & Pricing Calculator

Biotechnology goes digital with a new look, and a bespoke pricing calculator built by Brave...


Next Biosciences




Next Biosciences, a leading biotech company that specialises in the cryogenic storage of human stem cells, approached Brave to upgrade their existing website to be in keeping with their new rebrand.


We built a visually striking, responsive brochure site using WordPress that features separate areas for both customers and medical professionals.

Pricing Calculator

The site incorporates an extensive e-commerce system that enables users to choose options relating to products they'd like to purchase, and to receive real-time feedback in our custom built Pricing Calculator.

This complex system allows users to choose between various payment options, Discovery Health member discounts, multiple birth discounts and sibling discounts, and makes it easy for client to manage payments received, amounts owing, promotional codes and client opted payment plans.

Extensive registration forms are required for cryogenic storage of biological material. However, we streamlined this into a step-by-step process to enable ease of registration and information capture that leads to the checkout (integrated with PayPal and Pay Gate for easy payments).



  • Extensive e-commerce ordering and pricing calculator including discounts and promotions
  • Step-by-step process for ease of registration and information capture
  • Interactive infographics with tooltips to explain the screening & ordering processes
  • Online chat with the Next Biosciences Team
  • Password protected 'Medical Professionals' section
  • Blog featuring medical articles and news

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How can we innovate with you?