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Don Papa

Interactive Website

An interactive website embodying the feel of a unique and exotic world to be explored. Welcome to Sugarlandia...


Don Papa Rum




Headless WordPress
CSS Animation
Skrollr - Parallax scrolling library
Greensock Animation Platform


The owners of the Don Papa Rum brand wanted more than just a web presence, they craved a website that captured the ‘spirit of Sugarlandia’, embodying the feel of a unique and exotic world to be explored.

Because Don Papa Rum is so steeped in the lush, vibrant Philippines island environment where the sugar is grown, the molasses filtered, and the rum aged, the site needed to have the same look and feel.

Challenges & Solutions

The site design all revolved around the key visual, and needed to include the volcano, the unique flora and fauna, and the sugarcane, as well as, of course, the product itself.

We opted for a more quirky and artistic slant to the UI and styling approach than usual, which made for a challenge in terms of finding new way to treat the navigation and content flow, but resulted in a dynamic, and visually rich site, hinting to the depth of flavour of the product itself.


Bringing Sugarlandia to Life

Because the imagery was so important to client, we wanted it to come alive. In order to do this without it being overwhelming, we decided to keep the key animations subtle.

brave-digital-don-papa-rumThere are fourteen hidden animations within the homepage…


Keeping the Cocktails Current

Client wanted the facility to add and update cocktails over time, so we built the cocktail page to pull content from a headless WordPress install.

This allows the client to add and change cocktails whenever they wish.


How can we innovate with you?


  • Visually rich and dynamic homepage with subtle keyframe animations
  • Age gate to discourage underage users from accessing the site
  • Parallax scrolling
  • Custom, interactive timeline animations
  • Client CMS to update cocktail menu
  • Stockists - 'Find a Distributor' interactive map

How can we innovate with you?