ContiPartner needed an online, private social communications platform that would allow the multiple ContiPartner dealerships around the country to access shared documents, news and announcements.   The dealers also needed to be able to trade and exchange stock online, as well as search for contact information and business details on other dealers.


Brave built a dynamic and easily-managed dealer platform, and then populated it with all the legacy dealer information from outdated excel documents into a living database. Dealers are now able to update their own profiles in real-time, ensuring that the information is always current and relevant. This dealer list is then pulled into the live ContiPartner website, allowing online customers to search and find local dealerships with up-to-date information. Every dealer is then also automatically showcased on Continental’s nationwide OURCONTINENT map.


A custom-built ad builder that will allow dealers to choose from a list of print templates (with the correct CI already in place) and customise the content to their needs.   This will be an automated system linking dealers directly to design agencies to facilitate smooth change management, and speedy signoff by Continental managers. The dealers will then download the printable PDFs to take to local printers.   This will ensure brand consistency across all dealerships, as well as easy workflow automation between dealers, agency and printers.