Brave was tasked with creating a new brochure web and mobisite for Centrum vitamins and Caltrate supplements, two of Pfizer South Africa’s premium brands.
Strict parameters required that we use Drupal 7 for the builds, as this had recently been adopted by Pfizer Global as its CMS of choice.


Save initial build costs with one installation

We created one single installation that could be ported across both Centrum and Caltrate to make sure that any features that were on one site could be pushed to the other. The administration, template-ing and views were all shared across both sites.

Both have a custom mobile theme, custom SEO and we are able to push and pull modules.

Drupal 7

Since Drupal was, in recent years, chosen as the globally mandated platform for Pfizer, Brave initially worked closely with the international Pfizer Drupal teams to pioneer and establish many of the processes and best-practices used by the organisation today for all their Drupal sites.

With the right people and systems in place, we set about designing and building two bright, interactive websites.


The Centrum site needed to showcase the product line, and make it easy for users to research and select the product that would most suit their needs and lifestyle. The site also offers users an easily-searchable database of health, wellness, and vitamin knowledge.


Brave designed and built the interactive web and mobisite for Caltrate supplements to include a ‘Bone Health’ portal, calcium quiz, and calcium calculator.


Since the websites are both the nexus point for any and all TTL campaigns, we built in a huge level of flexibility into the platform to enable dynamic user profiling and content delivery, AB split testing, conversion optimisation and a host of additional features that cater to the future growth and scalability of the websites.

Security testing

Before the new responsive sites could go live on mobi and desktop, they had to pass a series of rigorous, international security tests, adhering to stringent continuous integration guidelines throughout the development process.

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