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A Quick word about online shops...

Did you know, your online shop should be effortless for customers to use & optimised to increase your bottom line?

How will we meet your vital e-commerce needs and provide you with the right solution?
Customer profiling
Customer profiling
Who are you hoping to reach? What is important to them? Using research, experience & simple psychology, we compile user profiles to determine the best way to design & plan your project to make it user-friendly & answer your customers’ needs.
Buying behaviour
Buying behaviour
By examining how and why human beings relate to mental and emotional triggers, and looking at why we buy and what entices us to spend, we will optimise the design and user-journey of your site to increase clicks, sales and customer retention.
We build your website according to SEO best practices to ensure that it climbs the list of search engine results as quickly as possible.
We advise on how to tailor your copy, crafting it where needed to optimise your e-commerce site's Google rankings.
Optimal conversion
Optimal conversion
Every aspect of your e-commerce site plays a part in getting conversions. We plan and design the navigation, user journeys, bread-crumbs and layouts to ensure your customers know where to go, what to click on, how to pay, and why they should keep coming back.
Checkout process
Checkout process
Cart abandonment is one of the biggest reasons for loss of revenue on e-commerce sites. Using established best-practice methodology, we optimise and refine your checkout process to get customers from 'buy' to 'pay' with the minimum of fuss.
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