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Does your website reflect the luxury of your private aviation brand?

We have extensive experience building online platforms that meet the unique needs and demands of the private aviation industry. From stunning design, to seamless functionality and secure interfaces, our expert team is ready to help your site take flight.

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We Are Brave

We develop beautiful, responsive websites, focusing on design, content, usability, and simplicity, as well as apps, mixed reality experiences and e-commerce platforms. 

At Brave, we’re a close team of creative technologists and designers that have been providing exceptional, personalized service to our loyal clients for over twenty years. 

From our legacy work with private aviation companies, we understand that your discerning clientele demands the best, and a high-end web presence is a powerful tool when it comes to gaining user confidence and broadening your reach. As the aviation industry evolves towards a more sustainable future, it’s more important than ever to ensure that your website is exceptional when it comes to look and functionality. How can we help you achieve your unique goals?

Our Work


This beautiful, interactive WordPress site with parallax scrolling is light to load whilst staying richly textured and stylish.

We built ExecuJet’s interactive, responsive site to be optimized for performance and SEO, as well as ease-of-use when it comes to the CMS.

The site features custom-made reusable elements that can be used anywhere and rearranged when needed, making it easy for ExecuJet's marketing team to ensure it is always up-to-date.

Slick, interactive navigation and menus keep the site fresh and lively, whilst the bespoke, fully animated interactive world map of ExecuJet's locations makes finding an FBO a pleasure for site users.

Lanseria International

One engaging website serves two user-types, so whether you're a passenger or a commercial service, airline or pilot, it’s easy to find the info you need as soon as you touch down.

Lanseria needed a web solution that would align with their newly refurbished international airport and cater to both passenger and commercial services consumers. We designed and built an easy-to-navigate website using our own heavily customized WordPress WebStack that takes users where they need to go as soon as they arrive.

Refreshed as well as refreshing design was a much-needed component of this project, and the design team created a new look for Lanseria's online presence to support the modernized airport facility.


We built a fully responsive, interactive website that allows users to filter and select from a vast array of aircraft, request charter quotes for jets and helicopters, and discover exciting new travel destinations.

The animated filter device we built allows a variety of search options such as passenger capacity, baggage volume and maximum range to provide a simple and visual way for users to select the craft that would most suit their needs.

In order to give Luxaviation’s users an exciting and interactive way to explore their FBO and non FBO locations worldwide, we built a real-time 3D globe using WebGL that spins to the geographical area selected by the user. From here, users can filter and explore as they wish.

Sigma Air Mobility

We designed and built a stylish, one-page brochure microsite for EU-based aviation company Sigma Air Mobility.

The emphasis of this project was on a very quick turnaround; we had only a few days to get the copy rewritten, the site designed, and the page built before client had to present it, with no corners cut along the way in terms of looks and usability.

We used WordPress Elementor to facilitate a speedy development, with light touches of bespoke CSS to give the page a unique personality. The one-pager is fully responsive and animated for maximum impact.

Need a stylish website that mirrors the luxury and precision of your brand?

Our Brave team of experts is ready and waiting to help take your aviation website to new heights. Connect with us now to explore the exciting possibilities.

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