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A Brave approach to digital design and development


Who we are

Brave is a compact team of dedicated design and development experts with a shared love of innovation and of exploring the liminal realm where technology and creativity intersect.

We have a diverse portfolio of bespoke digital products, services, experiences and applications designed and developed for a vast number of local and international brands.

What makes us Brave?

Explorer mindset

Willing to explore outside the bounds of what’s currently being done, and what’s accepted as convention.


Asking the hard questions and challenging assumptions, even when it's uncomfortable to do so.


Establishing whether an idea is truly viable and being courageous enough to accept (and say) when it isn’t.

Mutual trust

Brave is structured around remote working, valuing work-life balance, autonomy and unity of common purpose.

Culture counts for a lot

Our culture of fostering wholeness builds strong cohesion and relationships within Brave, which results in a more effective team with better outputs.

Consequently, we produce far more as a small team than a large, lumbering one can in the same amount of time.

Our partnership approach

Relationships are not only important within the team, they are the underlying core of what sets us apart when it comes to working with our clients.

Whatever your goals, you’ll have a dedicated team on your side, your own development partner, working with you to improve your chances of success.

Backed by extensive experience in designing and building all things digital, we’ve learned that collaboration and co-creation take a project from good to great.

The first conversation is all about you

Tell us about your business, your users and your goals. We aim to understand your needs before discussing how we can help you meet them. It all begins with a simple chat.

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