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Want to Surprise, Delight & Engage Attendees?

Our innovative experiential event technologies & solutions help drive attendance, engage audiences & enhance communications, before, during & after your event.

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Brave Experiential Event Solutions

We've worked alongside Event Organisers for years, so we know just how pivotal it is to engage attendees every step of the way.  

From bringing the 'wow-factor' to your invites and RSVPs, to sharing vital event information and creating an immersive environment, we can help ensure that your attendees have an experience they'll never forget.



Interactive RSVPs and Aide Memoire

Gamify the RSVP process & increase sign-ups with interactive RSVP and email engagements.

  • Interactive forms and RSVPs
  • Hyper-personalisation using dynamic content
  • Animation and interaction
  • Gamified experiences
  • Live leaderboards and statistics

Use-case fun fact: using interactive RSVPs, we increased Accenture’s RSVPs for their Innovation Index Conference by 200% from the previous year.

Enhanced AR Event Emails and Invitations

Add digital content, links, video and 3d to traditional email and print to drive engagement.

  • Video ‘walk-on’
  • Welcome videos and messages
  • Digital content, media and links

Add an engaging personal introduction or session overview to your emailers or delegate dossier using transparent video and Augmented Reality.

Use-case fun fact: we created an AR enabled invite with a video featuring Joe Montana personally inviting guests to an exclusive Accenture event at the Superbowl in LA.

During the Event

Lite Mobile Event App

Our fully featured ‘Lite’ Mobile Event App lets you engage, communicate with and encourage your attendees to network with a seamless event app that doesn't break the bank.

  • White-label
  • Low cost and fast turnaround
  • Turnkey solution
  • User logins and profiles (added from the attendee list)
  • Managed Service (content, users, schedule)
  • In app messaging and notifications
  • Speaker profiles and pages
  • Agenda management
  • Delegate list with 1-to-1-chat
  • Built-in chat engine
  • Tracking and analytics

Use-case fun fact: we built an event app for Novacom that allowed admins to arrange one-on-one meetings between sellers and buyers, ensuring that there were no double-bookings, and that everyone knew where to be and when.

Experiential Engagement

We offer custom interactive experiences to drive engagement at every touchpoint of the delegate journey.

  • Gamified quiz drives information retention and engagement
  • Team or individual game leaderboards and chats
  • On-site custom 3D VR demonstrations and experiences
  • Option to use custom branded headsets and devices
  • AR enabled posters, banners or merchandise

Use-case fun fact: our MTN event app gave attendees the chance to compete in a digital scavenger hunt challenge during an international conference.

Use-case fun fact: our custom Android App triggered 360VR playback on 300 cardboard enabled devices simultaneously to launch a high-profile MTN event.


Augmented Reality Event Enhancer

An innovative way to provide digital content and information to build excitement, and share information.

We use web-based Augmented Reality to deliver video messages and experiences at various touch-points (from the invitation - through check in - and during the event) via a persistent augmented reality interactive brochure.

To do this, we use SLAM technology to allow attendees to scan the floor or surface in front of them to load a full 360 environment containing the brochure.

Users can move in 3D space to move closer to content elements or drag to zoom and resize.

Post Event

Keep the conversation going

Extend your delegate engagement long after the event has ended.

  • Interactive video, social and gallery walls
  • Mobile app In-app chats and communication channel
  • Gated downloads
  • Interactive event stats and downloads gallery
  • AR enabled thank you ‘video mailers’
  • Full tracking and measurement for ROI

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