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'Take control' with sliders and animations whilst exploring how Tysflo will allow you to 'take control' of your media content...






The creators of Tysflo, a smart video platform network, needed a website that would introduce and showcase Selectcast, their game-changing new media ecosystem.

The site needed to embody quality and professionalism, but in a fresh way that would highlight the innovative and interactive nature of the platform.

Concept & Messaging

Brave began the conceptual process by establishing the tone, main focus and messaging angle.

We decided that direct, power-affirming verbiage would encourage Tysflo customers to own their brand’s media space by taking control of their media, so strong, bold statements, short sentences, and point-form layout rather than large chunks of text were essential.

It soon became clear that this concept would be the ideal way to showcase Tysflo's offering.


'Taking Control'

With the ‘take control’ message firmly in place, we could amplify this concept using site design, various user journeys customised for the two defined target markets, and site interactivity, in which users could ‘control’ how the content is revealed by dragging sliders and clicking through 'channels'.

In the same way that  Tysflo’s customers can take control of their brand equity by becoming their own broadcasters, web users get to ‘control’ their website experience.

When it came to dev, REACT JS was the perfect fit.

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  • Different user journeys for the two target markets: Brand Owners, and Media Owners, with relevant content served in a customised flow for each.
  • Fast loading times and customised tags to boost SEO scores.
  • Horizontal slider navigation gives the site a 'TV' feel to echo the video platform service.
  • Optimised for SEO and lead conversion in both design and code.

How can we innovate with you?

How can we innovate with you?