Brave was asked to build a simple-to-use website which could feature searchable components about the various projects run by the Foundation for Partnership Initiatives in the Niger Delta, a group that seeks to achieve a legacy of sustainable peace and development among communities in Nigeria.


Due to large volume of downloadable information that client wanted on the site, we custom-coded a robust, easy-to-filter-and-search database where users can go to view and download a wealth of documentation such as financial reports, research papers and articles pertaining to the Foundation’s work.

They can also easily sort through and browse all of PIND’s various projects and partners. These feature in-page videos and photo galleries.


We designed and built an interactive map of the Niger Delta using HTML5.

By clicking on the various areas of the interactive map, users can see which projects and initiatives are operating where and when, at a glance.

They can also filter these by date and/or program (such as ‘Peace Building’ or ‘Economic Development’).