Client wanted a fun, childlike design for their new Oros site. We also needed to provide a content management system that they could manage themselves, as well as the flexibility to push future campaigns within the site.


For the Oros campaign, we redesigned and rebuilt the Oros website to make it fun, dynamic and up-to-date with the brand’s new image.
We built a custom mobile theme to ensure that the site was accessible at all times for the ever-growing mobile market, as well as a theme for Facebook.


Got the need for speed?
Web, mob & Facebook

We built a colourful, interactive website to tie into the On, users can play games, upload their Cup Stacking video entries, learn about Cupstacking and more. Users can view and explore on their desktops, iPads or mobile phones.

We also ensured that the custom theme would allow the site to appear properly in Facebook, automatically adjusting to the platform’s layout and parameters.

You Tube videos

We built in the capacity for visitors to the site to watch videos of the Cup Stacking pros, learn the tricks and techniques, and then upload their own videos to compete for prizes.

To counteract any cheating, we also built a custom auditing system that allowed administrators to view and verify the submitted videos before making them live on the site and valid entries into the competition.


To give cup stackers the opportunity to speed up their reaction times in preparation for the main event, we built custom designed online games for desktop, iPad and mobile. Users could login to register their scores and play against one another in real time.


All players’ gaming scores were collated in real-time, and displayed on a constantly updated leaderboard. This way, the users could track their own progress, as well as those of their opponents, and check to see how they matched up to the competition.