Pfizer was looking for an entertaining and interactive digital campaign to educate their target market on the fact that Centrum provides the year-round benefit of immunity and is not just a seasonal precaution or a winter quick fix.

They also wanted to engage with their current Facebook fans, and grow their digital community.


Brave designed and built a colourful and engaging interactive game for the Facebook environment. In the game, the players guide their chosen avatar through a series of screens, dodging immunity dangers such as germs, coughs and sneezes and taking their Centrum vitamins as they went along, to ensure the health of their ‘Immunity Bar’.

Utilising custom, original environment and character design, we built the game to consist of one linear platform-style level set against the backdrop of a South African park with the seasons changing as the character moves through the game.

Facebook users played the game for points, competing with others for top spot on the leaderboard in order to win great prizes each week. Encouragement, gaming tips and secret ways to score more points were shared on the Facebook wall, promoting a lively and relevant conversation amongst brand and fans.

Weekly spot prizes were also awarded on a random basis to ensure that those who were not the best gamers were also included and rewarded throughout the campaign.

The Facebook activity was mirrored on the newly designed integrated Centrum website.

  • Custom Flash game engine
  • Environment and character design
  • Leaderboard and scoring application
  • Facebook Engagement