The Centrum Guardian Project was an inspiring CSR campaign that recognised and rewarded bravery within the South African Emergency Services. From 2006 till 2014, our happy task was to run a multi-phase, annual, year-long digital campaign that integrated seamlessly with the above-the-line campaign, and continued to grow awareness, year on year.


We continually rebuilt and refreshed the website and the mobisite to ensure that their look, feel and usability were in keeping with each year’s campaign. These still serve as an effective showcase for the nominees’ stories of courage and passion.

We assisted in creating pre-nomination interest and encouraging nominations and voting, and were responsible for capturing votes, growing the database, communicating with fans, voters and nominees, announcing the winner, and showcasing the TV series within the digital environment.

  • Responsive desktop, tablet and social
  • Custom ultra-lite Mobile theming
  • Custom responsive voting app
  • Social Integration