To answer our own need for a fool-proof way of locking down a client’s needs into an instant, accessible website, banner, or Facebook fanpage brief for our team, we built Briefa, an online system that lets you do just that.

We opened up the possibility for other users in a similar industry to sign up and use the system, and are happy to report that our user base is still growing.


All you need to do is take Briefa with you into your client meeting, select which type of project or campaign is being discussed, and follow the simple guidelines to fill in all of your client’s expectations and requirements.

  • You can jump from item to item, depending on what your client wishes to discuss, or let Briefa take you through step-by-step.
  • Briefa ensures that no technical necessities are missed or forgotten, and that all the important questions are addressed.
  • Click to save it all down and generate a report.

You can now review the brief with your client and make amendments, brand the brief and send it to them for confirmation, or present it to your team.